Empowerment Firearms Training LLC provides scheduled classes and private instruction tailored to suit your needs. We currently offer the following training options:


Beginner Handgun

(1 on 1 instruction - 1 hour classroom / 1 hour range - $75)

This course teaches the new shooter how to safely handle, use, and store handguns.  The student will learn how revolvers and semiautomatic handguns operate, and how to use them effectively.  The student will learn the fundamentals of marksmanship, including: grip, stance, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control, and follow-through.  The student will have the opportunity to shoot a variety of handguns.  All safety equipment, firearms, and ammunition is provided for this class.  (Students are welcome to use their own firearms for the class, but must provide their own ammunition in that case.)

A second student may be added for an additional $40.  If the student is a minor, a parent may observe the class at no additional cost.


Private Instruction

(1 on 1 instruction - $50/hour)

Our private instruction is tailored to meet your needs.  Let us know how you want to improve and we will help you meet your goals.  From basic marksmanship to drawing from a holster and engaging multiple targets, we can help you develop your skills.

The cost for private instruction does not include firearms or ammunition.

A second student may be added for an additional $25.  If the student is a minor, a parent may observe the lesson at no additional cost.


Introduction to IDPA

(8 Student Maximum - 6 hours - $75 per student)

This course teaches skills used in competition shooting such as drawing from a holster, reloading, use of cover, and shooting while advancing and retreating.  Students practice these skills both on the firing line and in stages similar to what they will see during competition.  

If you have ever thought about shooting in competitions but thought it was all just a little overwhelming, this course is for you.


Texas Concealed Handgun License

(6 hours - $75 per student)

This course provides the required training to obtain a Texas Concealed Handgun License.  The class includes 4 hours of instruction on topics including Handgun Use and Safety, Non-violent Dispute Resolution, Use of Force, and Safe Storage.  After the classroom portion is complete, students will demonstrate proficiency as required by the State.


The Responsible Armed Citizen

(6 hours - $60 per student)

If you currently carry a firearm in public or plan to do so, this course provides valuable insight into the practical, legal, and ethical issues that face the armed citizen.  In this class you will explore issues ranging from how to select the right equipment to how to deal with the aftermath of a defensive use of force, and everything in between.

The class will not provide legal advice about the use of force, but will educate you about the laws related to the use of force and will discuss factors the responding police officers, prosecutors, and jury members will use to determine the reasonableness of your actions.

Click HERE for more information.


Defensive Handgun Fundamentals

(8 Student Maximum - 6 hours - $75 per student)

This course teaches fundamental defensive shooting skills such as drawing from a holster, reloading, use of cover, and clearing malfunctions.  Defensive mindset, situational awareness, and the will to fight are also discussed.


How to Sign Up

To sign up for a training class or lesson, please call or email to set up a time and date for your class.  Once your class time has been confirmed, you can pay online by filing out our order form.


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