The Responsible Armed Citizen

The Responsible Armed Citizen

(6 hours - $60 per student)

If you currently carry a firearm in public or plan to do so, this course provides valuable insight into the practical, legal, and ethical issues that face the armed citizen.  In this class you will explore issues ranging from how to select the right equipment to how to deal with the aftermath of a defensive use of force, and everything in between.

The class will not provide legal advice about the use of force, but will educate you about the laws related to the use of force and will discuss factors the responding police officers, prosecutors, and jury members will use to determine the reasonableness of your actions.


  • Practical Considerations
    • Equipment Selection
    • The Daily Grind
    • Defensive Mindset
    • Situational Awareness
    • Conflict Avoidance
    • Blue on Blue / Friendly Fire
    • Continuing Training
  • Legal Considerations
    • Texas Penal Code - Use of Force / Use of Deadly Force
    • What is "reasonable"?
    • Civil Liability
    • Insurance
    • Talking to 911 operator / responding officers
  • Ethical Considerations
    • Should I intervene?
    • Can I pull the trigger?
    • Legal justification vs moral justification
    • Dealing with the aftermath


How to Sign Up

To sign up for this course, please call or email to set up a time and date for your class.  Once your class time has been confirmed, you can pay online by filing out our Order Form.

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